The Complexities of Divorce in Deerfield, Illinois

As a family lawyer in Deerfield, Illinois, and the owner of the Law Offices of Stuart A. Reid, P.C., Stuart Reid handles some of the most sensitive matters between parents and their children. In the following articles, Reid provides a glimpse into the very sensitive decisions that can make or break a decent divorce.

A Unifying Difficulty of Many Divorces in Deerfield, Illinois

Reid explains how the economic crisis is having some unintended, arguably beneficial consequences for those contemplating divorce.

When Divorce Turns Litigious in Deerfield, IL

In short, it is inadvisable for one party in a divorce to start meddling in their spouse's money--especially when it amounts to theft.

How Financial Differences Complicate Child Support

Deciding how different parents will pay for child support involves a bit of careful accounting work on the judge's or arbitrator's part.

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