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Domestic Violence Attorneys in Lake County, Illinois

The Law Offices of Stuart A. Reid, P.C. represents both petitioners and respondents in civil order of protection cases. We will work thoroughly with you to explain the processes necessary to obtain and enforce an order of protection, or to have one dismissed if you have been unfairly accused. We are experienced with all forms of civil domestic violence procedures in Illinois, including traditional Orders of Protection, Stalking/No Contact Orders, and the newly enacted Firearms Restraining Orders (commonly referred to as “red flag” laws).

Don't Suffer in Silence

Regardless of whether your civil proceeding is in Lake, Cook, DuPage, or McHenry Counties, we stand ready to bring our 20 plus years of experience to assist you in all phases of seeking, extending, or dismissing the various types of Orders of Protection available under Illinois law.

If you believe your personal safety is at risk due to the actions of a family member, significant other, or simply another member of the community such as a coworker or neighbor, please contact The Law Offices of Stuart A. Reid, P.C. for prompt assistance with obtaining whatever form of Illinois protective order best fits your situation.